How our Dog Containment System works

dogwatch-hidden-fence-yassAs an authorised Hidden Fence® dealer, Yass Pet Containment Systems supplies and uses DogWatch® pet containment systems.  Only Hidden Fence uses the patented “Safelink FM/DM digital signal” that is transmitted through a tough, polyethylene-coated copper boundary wire installed around your property, below ground level or on a fence line.  A lightweight, waterproof receiver collar worn by your pet picks up this harmless signal when it moves within range.  See the advantages of the FM signal here.

Once the system has been installed,  your pet is introduced to the system.  When your pet gets close to the desired boundary (usually within 1/4 to 2 metres of the wire), an audible warning tone reminds your pet not to cross the boundary. If the warning is ignored, which is rare after training, the collar emits a customised stimulation (electrical stimulation or ES) and prevents your pet from crossing.  

Through operant conditioning principles and clear instruction, your pet becomes quite precisely aware of the location of the new boundary, and receives a (non-food) reward for avoiding it.  We can even train highly prey-driven dogs using various target sources throughout the dog training if needed:  you can see a successful result in the banner photo on the Home page,  showing two Huskies leaving a kangaroo well alone,  choosing to stay inside their boundary.

Our pet containment systems are the only electronic fence available with UL Approved Internal and External lightning and surge protection.

The Safelink FM/DM signal also provides industry leading reception from the transmitter to the receiver collar, the exceptional reaction time of 1/8th of a second maximises the precision with which your pet can recognise and locate the boundary on approach.  Hidden Fence receivers have the fastest and most accurate reception in the industry. 

Hidden Fence offers the only internationally supported, professional-grade system available in Australia.  Hidden Fence PT4 Pet Containment Fencing systems have a Lifetime Equipment Replacement Warranty!

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