“I would have to comment, that this system has been exceptionally good for the 18 months it has been installed. Benji has been very safe and very happy at home having the freedom to roam the yard.”   —  Simon T

“I have to say I have been delighted with your containment system. From installing it to training me and my dogs how to use it.

As I had it installed a few years ago I have now lost one of my dogs to a snake bite, but Oscar never strays past the fence line unless I tell him walk … and even if someone throws a ball over the boundary, (and balls are his passion) he doesn’t go, just stands and barks until someone collects it for him …

So all in all, it has been a great containment system which has worked extremely well.

Thank you Mark.”   —  Barbara M

“Mark. Your service was 10/10. Even under trying circumstances (housing Chief next door in our soon to be house), we managed to train him safely – After the initial training Chief has never tried to break through the hidden fence.

Communicating with you was instantaneous, and you always had the answers. I’ve since recommended you to a couple of friends.”   —  Michael P

“Hi Mark; its Angela from Queanbeyan, just letting you know that the fence is working great … I am very happy with the fence, I have been able to hang washing out and plant plants in the backyard for the first time In 3 years, so thank you very much.”

“Hi Mark,
I’ve been meaning for ages to let you know that the fence is working perfectly and has 1000% improved our lives. Maudie accidentally ran through it once (driveway gate was open and she was following the other dogs) but hasn’t done so since and treats the HF boundary with huge respect.
Thanks so much for installing it in the worst of conditions. Brilliant product and service.”   —  Wendy E

PS  It’s important to note that Maudie’s breakout was in her training period, and the level on her collar was increased as a result. This ensures effective containment in the long term.  Mark

“Hi Mark. On July 6th we had a hidden fence installed on our property. We are extremely pleased with the system, works a treat! Kind regards, Christiane.”

“Mark,  just to let you know that we are loving our newly-reformed Lonnie, who doesn’t jump the fence any more and plays nicely in the yard with her brother!  I can’t believe we didn’t put in a Hidden Fence sooner!  Forever grateful for all your help and support, Kate C.”

“Mark, just wanted to let you know that the fence is working fantastically for Fli!  She is no longer tied up during the day and is a much happier dog for it. The fence has even saved the lives of some resident Blue tongues, who have learnt to hover between the flags and the fence for safety.”  Courtney H.

“Add me to the list of Hidden Fence fans.  Picture two dogs with a very high prey drive (Ridgebacks) spot a wallaby in the house paddock but on the other side of our Hidden Fence, take off after it like scalded cats only to come to a screeching halt just before the invisible boundary, sit and watch the wallaby happily hop away.”  John P.