Cheap DIY Dog Fence Containment systems calling themselves “Hidden Fence” offered from On-line Auction sites.

There is only one Hidden Fence brand, which is a professional dog containment fence by DogWatch® Hidden Fences, engineered and manufactured in Boston, MA USA.

These particular “cheap DIY dog fence systems” are typically offered as “Hidden Fence” through private vendors or on-line auction sites such as Ebay® and TradeMe®. At the customers request, our dealer network throughout Australia and New Zealand have been pulling more and more of these systems out of customers property every month.

The problem is, once a dog has been exposed to the inconsistency of one of these cheap DIY dog fences from China, it simply makes our job more difficult to correct the initial behaviour.

These are unregulated and non-compliant products without engineering requirements to contain a dog without a guarantee of non-activation via outside electrical noise. These products are completely manufactured in China and have not passed any of the Australian Governments safety requirements.

WARNING! “knock-off” Systems made in China will activate from the following devices:
TV sets,
Power points,
Mobile phones,
Landline telephones,
Air-conditioners, etc.

These “knock-off” systems WILL activate these receivers and cause behavioural distress to the pet wearing the receiver.

Only the Hidden Fence brand® product will NOT activate from the above.

When considering the safety of an invisible dog containment fence, or “hidden Fence”, choose only a brand that meets the following requirements:

  • Authorised and Compliant with Australian Communications Authority, proving EMC immunity.
  • Proof of a “Certificate of Compliance” for immunity.
  • Signal Modulation and Duty cycles that won’t activate via electrical noise.
  • Internationally recognised Brand with Manufacturing Support.
  • Receiver collars capable of individual programming.
  • Components, Parts and whole products are warranted locally and supported by international partners.

Since electronic pet containment systems are training tools to modify and extinguish wandering behaviour, it is paramount that the animal(s) wearing the collars have proper training as to where the boundary exists and what to do when encountering the boundary. Once these basic principles have been applied, then the last part of the puzzle is that the dog-fencing product is of the highest quality and operates consistently at the boundary only.

The Hidden Fence brand is the only professional grade containment fence in Australia and New Zealand that not only carries a lifetime Equipment Warranty, but also carries an established dealer network, which offers Installation, Training and support in most regions of Australia and New Zealand.

The reason for the network is that the Hidden Fence does not work by itself. Only properly training the dog to the system and making the intension of the system clear is the foundation of its success. All Hidden Fence dealers are trained and skilled to help you, on-site, to maximise your dog’s success and understanding to its new boundary.

Choose only a brand that will stand by the product and not “falsely” activate throughout the yard via electrical noise.
Hidden Fence transmitters and collars operate on a Digital Modulation, carried by Frequency Modulation (FM). Read further on this technology by clicking here. Hidden Fence transmitters deliver this signal, which the receiver collar processes and activates when needed. Hidden Fence transmitters are the most secure in the industry.

For more information contact any one of our dealers for assistance. Choose only the Hidden Fence brand® which carries these registered trademarked logos: